Breeding The Finest CFA Registered
Exotic Shorthair & Longhair Cats

Breeding The Finest CFA Registered
Exotic Shorthair & Longhair Cats

Tabby, Solid & Bi-Color Exotic Kittens

Located on Long Island, New York


Tabby, Solid & Bi-Color Exotic Kittens

Located on Long Island, New York

About Us

We are a PKD, FIV, FeLV negative Cattery

Welcome to Callyn Cattery, pronounced call Lynn or callin' (the meow that female cats make when they are in heat).  My name is Lynn Cooke and I have over 30 years experience breeding and showing cats. I have bred many CFA Grand Champions, Regional winners, and a National winner. I am a Licensed Veterinary Technician but devote all my time to my family, cats and breeding program. I am also the current breed council secretary for CFA.

I have always been a small cattery, my kittens are home raised and well socialized. I work with the world's best bloodlines blended with my own line to develop the "Callyn look" that I strive for. I breed for a sweet open expression, large round eyes and bodies, but never compromise on health and temperament. 

We are located in Suffolk County Long Island, New York. If you are interested in an Exotic shorthair or longhair kitten please send me a message telling me about yourself, and if your intentions are for breeding, showing or just a pet companion. Shipping is available via pet nanny who will carry your baby on board. 

The best way to get a kitten from us is to follow us on social media for postings on available kittens. 

For the latest on kitten arrivals and availability

Stud Males

GC Callyn's Good & Redy "Red"




Co-bred with Jen Vercammen of Grandheart Cattery. 

Thank you Jen for sending me this handsome boy!

Breeding Females

GC, NW Callyn's Luscious "Lucy" NOW RETIRED


CFA's 14th Best Kitten Nationally

4th Best Kitten North Atlantic Region 2016-17 

gc, rw Callyn's Alabama slammer "Ally'


CFA's 15th Best Kitten NAR 2016-17

gc, rw callyn's lola

CFA's 18th Best Kitten NAR 2017-18

CFA's 18th Best Kitten NAR 2017-18

Homozygous for Short Hair

gc callyn's eye yai yai "ivy"


GC Callyn's Baci - living with Jen @ grandheart exotics


Homozygous for Short Hair

gc callyn's Gracious "gracie"


Homozygous for Short Hair

CH Callyn's bittersweet symphony "symphony" Co-bred with jen vercammen


Kitten Reservation Information

I am a small hobby breeder of CFA registered Exotic cats. I breed for health, personality and show quality babies. I do not take reservations on kittens that aren't born yet. The cats are in my personal home and this IS NOT a business or pet shop. If you wish further personal information about where I live or how to contact me you will have to fill out a contact form through my webpage. I do not respond to vague inquires. I am very select who I sell to, and who I let into my private home. Prospective buyers will also have to fill out a questionnaire for approval. When I know what I will be offering for sale, and what quality the kitten is, I post on social media first. The kitten will then be available for reservation to an approved home. 

Kittens are reserved by a non-refundable deposit . Please be 100% sure that you want, can permanently keep, and can afford the kitten before sending a deposit. I am a small breeder and don't usually have many kittens available, so they are reserved very quickly at a young age. My focus is on placing our cats in the right home, therefore, I retain the right to refuse a sale at anytime for any reason I see fit. Cats or kittens without breeding rights require a signed contract stating that the cat be neutered or spayed at the appropriate time.


Contact Us

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